An everlasting bohemian summer.


Sometimes you just hope that summer could last forever when you find that perfect place,, that makes you realise that there is so much more to live for.

Everytime I am near by the sea, I just get that feeling, I feel so tiny, grateful to be alive and part of this beautifull world. Especially now after this massive burnout I had, it makes me realise I have to make some serious changes in my life. Doing more things I love and that truly are my passion, for life is way to short and way to precious to just let it pass by. More news about my plans later .


I am wearing ;

Tunic Miss komodo Les secrets de Camille – Saint Tropez.

Jeansshort H&m

Boots Karma of Charme   

Rings Embella jewellery

Necklace Lebleudazur


Dance in the wind and follow your dreams.

Love and hapiness xxx



Here you can find  Karma of charme  , Embellajewelry and Lebleudazur jewellery

Let me know what you think!