Don’t miss out on this one !! Lionheart the newest from Spell.



Ladies don’t miss out on this one .The newest from Spell and the gypsy collective Lionheart has arrived !.



No big colorfull flowerprints this time, but something more , let’ s call it down to earth. How ever it’s a strange thing to say for a Spell collection, for every Spell collection gives me wings and one is even more beautifull than the other.

When I say ” down to earth ” I think that this collection is super wearable everywhere around the globe, because of the used prints and colors, such as olive green, navy, off white and rose. It is a stunning collection, completely different from previous collections, with superbe prints and designs, I absolutely love it!!  It’s a welcome change after the bold flowerprints and I already know it’s gonna be a fight for several pieces. The first drop is tomorrow, second one 10 th of october .

For my European readers you can find the collection at Bycheryve or at Nepenthe .

Be prepared.


Dance in the wind and follow your dreams.

Love and happiness xxx



All pictures from Spell

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