Dream away with these Bohemian beach style interiors.


With the changing of the seasons, I always feel the urge to turn our whole house, the complete interior, inside out and upside down , something that drives my hubby completely grazy.



As you girls already know, I absolutely love natural and raw materials and I would like to show you some pictures from Uniqwa collections.

I am a hughe fan from this Australian brand that likes to be unique and different. And knowing they pay attention to our environment by trying to work as ecofriendly and sustainable as they can , makes me love the brand even more.

Seeing their interiors, makes me wanna leave on a sunny far away place by the seaside preferable with some hughe palmtrees …of course ..

Curious to find out what you girls think , here are the pictures, if you would like to see more, you can find them here, or follow them on instagram .

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Live the sun, love by the moon

Be wild and free xxx



Credit pictures : Uniqwa collections.

Let me know what you think!