5 must haves for a bohemian vintage wardrobe.



If like me you have a nostalgic soul and you love vintage clothing, I made a top 5 with tips to help you add vintage into your wardrobe.

By adding something unique and old to an outfit  it helps you to develop your own identity and personal style, away from what everyone else is wearing. This is a loose guideline, you need to find that special piece that suits you perfectly.


Here are my top 5 items :


A Statement Jacket or Vest

A great vintage jacket can transform any outfit in a minute from ordinary to extraordinary. There are loads of different vintage styles of jackets to choose from. Personally I tend to gravitate towards shearling and velvet ones from the 60’s. . . . You have to pick out whatever suits your personal style.


An Indian gauze dress.

I love those block printed, thin dresses, had several when I was a little girl, just loved wearing them. I have already been searching for such a dress for quiet a while now and it would be a dream come true if I could find one It would definitely be the most desired piece in my wardrobe. In the mean time I just settle with more recent versions


A belt

A belt to cinch in your waist or to hold up your jeans. I especially like a brown tooled one and the conchstyles, these unique pieces won’t be easy to find but hey girls, that’s the trill from vintage, finding that special piece that’s note worthy and makes you you.



Choose a statement piece that reflects your style, unique and special. I love vintage turquoise but if you don’t like it that big and bold, there is all kinds of other incredible jewelry that will suit your style.


A pair of boots

Every girl needs a good pair of boots, I especially like lace up and anckle boots . If you can find a vintage pair the leather will already be very soft and used. I just love the look of used and worn leather, don’t you ?


I hope this post inspires you to search for beautifull boho ( vintage ) pieces that will inspire you for years to come.


Be wild and free,

Love and happiness xxx




Picture credit in random order Chasingunicorns , Arnhem clothing , Spell and Pinterest 

Let me know what you think!