How to create a bohemian sanctuary.



Bohemian decorating, is a mix of styles and cultures from the sixties and seventies, which is often translated in a mix and match from colorful and unique pieces, gathered from travels, clashing with vintage and new stuff. And with this bohemian trend going viral for some time now there’s just no escaping bringing this trend to your house anymore.

Let’s turn your house into a bohemian sanctuary.



First of all, use lots of different textiles, rugs and cushions, in bold and bright colors, patterns and shapes, they evoke that ultimate 60s feel . Clash and layer to bring personality. And add some amazing and unique pieces you’ve brought from your traveladventures.

Go wild with pillows and cushions, pile them up high to furniture or even on the floor. Try to find several shapes and patterns, maybe some with tassels or sequins to add more contrast.




Layer it up -don’t worry about it matching – rugs in rough textures, cane mirrors, fairy lights etc.The bohemian style is all about contrast and that warm welcome feel.Don’t forget to add a macrame hanging ! This ultimate 70’s piece is completely back and looks great with natural textures.Doesn’t matther if you pick out a small one to just hang a plant or a larger one to fill in a complete wall. When I was a kid, we used to make lots of those pieces ourselves, don’t know if I still can , but I am always tempted.




Indoor plants are having a huge moment right now, just make sure you are properly taking care of them. Mix it up with different species and sizes. Rubber plants and cacti are the big plants of the moment, available almost everywhere and easy to handle, even you aren’t blessed with green fingers .




Cane is back, look for vintage pieces, the older the better. Keep your eyes open for a gorgeous peacock chair to make a statement, or something smaller like a mirror or a snake plantholder. I remember my grandmother had one and it bewitched me, everytime I visited her, I was so scared that snake would come to live. Anyway, cane instantly injects natural texture to a room.



Bring the indoors out

Imagine having an outdoor space to relax when you come home after a long day. You can create such a gorgeous haven outdoors by bringing rugs, cushions and plants into a shaded outdoor place.. Finish off the look with low-hanging fairy lights and your bohemian sanctuary is complete.

If you are not going to Morocco to do some shopping or if you are afraid your suitcase will not be big enough, you can always shop on Etsy . There are enough shops that sell moroccan baskets, poufs, pillows and macrame hangings just check out were they are sending from to avoid high custom taxes and importduties.

Always curious to find out what you guys made from your home . If you have any tips, questions or shops you would like me to write about, just drop me a message.


Be inspired!


Dance in the wind and follow your dreams,

Love and light




All pictures via Pinterest

Let me know what you think!