Brands we love: Hazel and folk



Hello sweeties,

Do you know the feeling when you see or motice a brand and you just would like to have it all? Or think this is so me ? Well I have that feeling with this brand from down under Hazel and Folk

The designs from Hazel and Folk are so beautifully cut, made in soft colour palettes, and effortless silhouettes. They are made to be worn all day long, season after season, year after year, they are so feminin and romantic and I absolutely love them. The collections are not bound by trends or seasons, they are randomly spread through the year and always made in very small productions. The filosophy behind this brand is to create a wardrobe with a few pieces that can be pieced together in several ways, so you can create a maximum amount of looks with minimal pieces and in turn you minimise excessive consumption and waste, very ecological and environmental friendly. And being an imageconsultant and naturelover myself, I can do nothing else than approve with this phylosophy.

Here are pictures from their collections. If you would like to see more, you can find and shop them here or follow them on instagram.

This sure is a label I can’t get enough of! And I know you’ll love it too!


Be inspired !


Live by the sun and love by the moon,

Love and light,




picturecredit Hazel and Folk

model Bee cooper

Let me know what you think!