Welcome to Le bleu d’azur.

I am so happy, you are here to join me in my adventures. My name is Anouk, born in Antwerp, Belgium. I am a romantic bohogirl, a free spirit always looking on the bright side of life. I spend most of my life by the sea and have a great passion for it, you can call me a beach girl, a mermaid if you wish, my heart lies by the sea , I will forever be inspired by the beauty of the sea and the  colors that go with it. It’s natural to me, that’s who I am, just can’t hide it, That explains my passion for neutral colors and natural, raw materials. You can see it from the clothes I wear to my interior and the jewelry I make.

Love everything from the gray and white sandy beaches, that very deep blue and grey on a stormy day by the Northsea to those gorgeous turquoise hughes from the Mediterranean, That and the bohemian vibes from Saint Tropez, a place close to my heart, my second home for over more than 20 years now, is what gave me the idea to call my blog “Lebleudazur”

If there is one important thing I learned in life, is that nature and our lives are very, very, precious and have to be handled with great respect, love and gratitude. So let’s not waiste those precious moments. Reinvent yourself, awake the love within you and have the courage to be who you are. Chase a dream ! Dare to live, dare to be imperfect, dare to be who you really are! Allow yourself the freedom to do what you like!

If you would like to follow my journey and read more, you are always welcome .


I already want to thank you all, for your love and support.


Dance in the wind and chase your dreams!

Love and happiness xxx



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