How to create a bohemian sanctuary.



Bohemian decorating, is a mix of styles and cultures from the sixties and seventies, which is often translated in a mix and match from colorful and unique pieces, gathered from travels, clashing with vintage and new stuff. And with this bohemian trend going viral for some time now there’s just no escaping bringing this trend to your house anymore.

Let’s turn your house into a bohemian sanctuary.

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Dream away with these Bohemian beach style interiors.


With the changing of the seasons, I always feel the urge to turn our whole house, the complete interior, inside out and upside down , something that drives my hubby completely grazy.

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Stunning Ibiza style/ boho bedroom inspiration.


Don’t you love Ibiza/beach style interiors ? Those crispy whites combined with natural tones and raw materials. One of the brands that are really nailing it in this interiorstyle is Uniqwacollections  .

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