Boho trend in winter, velvet.



Hi loves,

On these cold days and because it is the festive season after all, I like to wrap myself into some more luxurious items.

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Vacay, the newest collection from Mahiya, for a dreamy getaway.


Hello sweeties,

While there’s some kind of snow storm raging over Belgium, and there’s no place you’d better be than home, I just can’t help scrolling through the newest Australian boho summer collections. So I discovered Vacay the newest from Mahiya, a stunning collection in the most dreamy color combinations. It’s gorgeous and instantly puts a smile on my face, almost forget it’s snowing outside.

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5 must haves for a bohemian vintage wardrobe.



If like me you have a nostalgic soul and you love vintage clothing, I made a top 5 with tips to help you add vintage into your wardrobe.

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Dream away with these Bohemian beach style interiors.


With the changing of the seasons, I always feel the urge to turn our whole house, the complete interior, inside out and upside down , something that drives my hubby completely grazy.

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Folktown, bohostyle that lasts forever.



I recently have been scrolling through the older Spell lookbooks and it struck me how these looks never age.

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